Your Guide for Post-COVID Closet Editing

As a successful vaccination rollout and other measures signal the end of COVID, many are finding that their closet isn’t quite ready for a mass reopening. For nearly a year, your wardrobe pieces were focused on tightening your look on Zoom.

Now, you’ll once again need pieces that communicate your personal style and make you look good in person.

So, here are some handy closet editing tips from LaVaughn Michelle, a professional image consultant here to help you dress well after COVID.

Define your personal style

First thing: clarify your personal style. You might know what looks good on you, what clothes complement your shape, what makes you feel great wearing it — but there’s more to understanding your personal style.

It’s your signature style, and it’s a look that makes you feel confident while communicating your identity. All this makes it a unifying theme of how you dress, even as you adapt your wardrobe selection to changing trends. So you need to understand it as the foundation of closet editing.

Start off by:

  • Working out the silhouettes you like
  • Identifying your style icons
  • Looking out for clothes you’ll always love, despite trends
  • Finding the colors that you love, and those that suit your skin tone
  • Picking out the brands that consistently release collections with something for you

As you come to see this clearly, you’ll intuitively know what clothes you’ll be keeping in your closet, what new clothes you’ll be looking to add when you go shopping, and the items you’ll have to subtract.

Then we'll look for more pieces to enhance and round out your current wardrobe when we to get the adding part.

Sort clothes into those you want to keep, those you want to add, and those you want to subtract

Let’s take inspiration from your current wardrobe. For everything, ask:

  • Does it fit me?
  • Does it complement my style?
  • Is it in good condition?

(And if we’re aiming for minimalist closet editing:)

  • Do I wear it regularly?

A blouse or dress here and there might make you sentimental. But just remember it with a picture in your gallery. You might have to subtract it if it doesn’t fit into your personal style and represent you well.

Separate clothes for different settings and occasions

During closet editing, it’s always essential to make sure your selection covers a range of settings. If you’re headed to a meeting where you’re all business, you’ll need an outfit that puts the message across. And when you’re in a lighter mood, do you have an ensemble that says so?

It’s not just about dressing to express yourself. Your outfit plays a huge role in getting you into the right mood and raising your confidence.

Keep and add Zoom-friendly clothing

We might be getting back to more face-to-face meetings and gatherings, but people have realized the convenience of a Zoom call over an otherwise unnecessary journey. And the habit has taken root. All to say: you’ll still be spending a lot of time on video calls.

So, we’ll need to make sure your closet still has pieces that translate well to Zoom. Many will, but you’ll have a few that particularly flatter you during in person meetings or video calls.

That’s another thing to keep an eye out for.

Let an image consultant help you with professional closet editing

I’m a New York-based personal stylist and image consultant with over 10 years’ experience helping clients step up their wardrobes. I’d be excited to help you with closet editing, right down to shopping on your behalf and handling returns if you’re still socially distancing. Then, with all the right clothes from your favorite stores and others I can recommend, we can craft your perfect closet.

Book an appointment with me to get started.

Your Guide for Post-COVID Closet Editing