Why You Need a Personal Image Consultant in NYC

For most people, the first impression they make comes from their image. Whether you encounter someone personally or professionally, online or face to face, your look matters.Just as a business uses logos and marketing strategies to put their best face forward, your hair, clothes, and demeanor do the same for the individual.With over a decade of experience advising clients in luxury styling, LaVaughn Michelle puts her knowledge, skill, and passion to work for you. Her consultation on clothes, hair, and appearance ensures that you put your best foot forward in both your work and personal life.

What Does a Personal Image Consultant Do?

Our personal image consultant services in NYC start with an evaluation of your wardrobe. For many clients, the “closet edit” provides a great way to sort through what you need, what you want, what you should add, and also subtract from the contents.Once we help you to put together a closet that reflects your aspirations, our team conducts a closet styling program. We put together attractive, stylish, and functional outfits for both professional and personal use. But we need not rely solely on items purchased before the edit. With client input, we embark on personal shopping trips. These help us to design new outfits and remain abreast of the latest styles to boost your image.Finally, we know that work and play make even more demands of your style and appearance. We provide personal packing services for those important trips. This provides space-efficient packing of image-enhancing clothing, makeup, and more.The point of image consulting is to combine your sense of style with standards of professional fashion that get the right kinds of attention and best results.

Who Needs a Consultant on Image?

Ideally, anyone, male or female, who wants to look and feel their best in any social or professional environment should engage an image consultant. Many of our clients, however, seek out image consulting help for similar reasons.First, we help aspiring and current professionals who just moved in from outside of New York City. Each part of the country has its own standards of style and professionalism. For example, New York City employers will not appreciate Los Angeles style jeans, T-shirts, and polos. Our personal image consultants in NYC will learn what fits both your style and New York City expectations the best, and use these elements to enhance your image.We also provide assistance to those coming out of college and entering the professional workforce for the first time. At LaVaughn Michelle image consultants, we know how to produce looks that reflect youth and vitality while still conforming to professional standards.Finally, we assist those whose sense of style and fashion has not evolved or changed with the times. Outmoded dresses, suits, shoes, and accessories can send the wrong message. Tired and dated styles do not help you to reach your professional or personal potential in the city that never sleeps.

Why It Matters

Right or wrong, like it or not, many people evaluate us first on our appearance. Our services make sure that your personality and sense of style is best represented in modern fashions that help you to achieve your life goals. When seeking a professional position or looking to make strong connections in the social world, trust LaVaughn Michelle’s team. She has over ten years of experience helping New York City area men and women look and feel their best while endeavoring to impress.

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