What to expect with a personal shopper in New York City

Your style sets the tone. Before you even speak, it telegraphs everything someone needs to know about you. However, styles are as dynamic as life itself, and eventually, your style has to evolve, too. That is when a personal shopper in New York City is vital. If you are interested in a personal stylist, Lavaughn Michelle is the leading solution. With over a decade of image consulting experience, she is committed to enhancing your appearance, rediscovering your mojo, and tailoring the best styles to your lifestyle.

Here is what to expect with a personal shopper:

Closet consultation

When working with a personal shopper in New York City, they go through your current wardrobe in granular detail.

During this closet consultation, you should have an open, honest discussion about what you are looking for, what you are comfortable wearing, and your lifestyle. Your personal shopper then goes through the clothes you have to determine what works and what does not.

They will provide excellent styling tips for current items you have. Repurposing items from your current closet will breathe new life into your wardrobe. After restyling your pieces and weeding out what does not work, you will both have a better idea of what you need.

People often have a closet full of items they never wear or forget they have. Editing your closet involves reviewing each piece to purge what you do not use. Even better, closet consultations are an opportunity to organize your closet and establish urgent needs.

If you are unsure about where to start, with Lavaughn Michelle, you get unrivaled guidance and a commitment to understanding you and your needs.

Style overhaul

After reviewing your closet, a personal shopper in New York City then conducts a style overhaul, starting with optimizing what you own to determine what you like and what you never wear.

This is an opportunity to evaluate your personal style, establish what looks good and feels comfortable, and make decisions to integrate fresh styles. A style overhaul is an excellent opportunity to create your style and discover new styles.

However, this requires leaving your comfort zone. People get stuck wearing the same styles because it is easy, and they are uncomfortable making bold choices. A style overhaul is about revolutionizing your style to reinvigorate your closet.

More importantly, a style overhaul will show you the best ways to optimize your pieces, meaning you will realize the endless possibilities of each article of clothing.

Convenience and communication

A personal shopper in New York City provides an individualized experience predicated on excellent communication and convenience.

Personal shoppers shop for you and make returns when necessary, ensure you are comfortable with your wardrobe, and select outfits and styles perfect for every occasion. This convenience takes the stress out of dressing for day-to-day activities and major events.

Just as importantly, a personal shopper identifies gaps and needs. Understanding these needs helps you shop strategically and streamline the process, which means you will have a closet full of items you will wear. Also, expect excellent communication.

Personal shoppers understand that shopping is intimate. Good personal shoppers cultivate a comfortable atmosphere for you to be vulnerable about your style and image. An attentive, honest, empathetic personal shopper should be the bare minimum.

If you are concerned about feeling comfortable and taken care of throughout the entire process, look no further than Lavaughn Michelle.

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