The Art of Event Dressing

After last night’s 2024 Grammy Awards, it became apparent that the art of event dressing is lost. So many celebrities and artists walked the red carpet in looks that, sadly, did not suit them. Whether you are getting dressed for a wedding, gala, or award show, there are several stying basics that you should follow to ensure you look your best. Here are the five key categories:

1.) Stick to your best seasonal colors.

There are four basic seasonal color groups: Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall, (with sub categories in each of these groups). Selecting a gown color is one of the most important details in choosing the right look. If you are a Bright Spring, wearing a starch black and white gown will look too severe against your warm features. If you land in the Soft Summer category, pastel colors will complement you best.

2.) Dress for your shape.

There are several classic body shapes that most people fall within. These shapes are hourglass, pear, rectangle, inverted triangle and apple. Understanding your shape can help you choose the correct fit to balance out your figure. If you are someone who falls into an hourglass figure, think Kim Kardashian, highlighting the waist becomes an important part of selecting the most flattering look. If you are someone who falls in to an inverted triangle shape, think Angelina Jolie, a high split or a-line cut will balance out your strong shoulders.

3.) Get alterations.

Most people do not fit garments off the rack perfectly. A perfect gown can be ruined if the length is too short or too long. Make sure the neckline and bodice are properly fitted. For some gowns your fitter may recommend sowing in your undergarments for proper support. This step usually can require several weeks, so be sure to give your seamstress enough time to complete.

4.) Practice your look in a photo and video.

If you will be photographed or on camera, it is important to see how your dress will look in a picture or video. Some dresses look great in person, but horrible in a picture and/or video. Its important to make sure your look is properly translated on screen.

5.) Accessories, hair, and make up.

So many looks can take a turn for the worst if styled with the wrong shoe, bag, jewelry or accessory. If your look is too busy, chances are you have chosen the wrong accessory, one that clashes with your dress. If the look is forgettable you probably need a bolder choice for your shoe or jewelry. Lastly, your hair and make up should complement your look, not distract from it or look too plain.

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