Use a Personal Packing Service for Your Post-COVID Vacation

Vaccination availability for Phase 2 is imminent, meaning this summer, the world can return to travel as usual. Face masks may be a must-have accessory for some time yet, but we can expect a return to normalcy by mid-summer. You’re not alone if your wardrobe staples have shifted slightly in the era of work-from-home and Zoom socializing.

Rediscover your personal style with a vacation wardrobe.

Your closet may feature athleisure, loungewear, and athletic wear more heavily than it did pre-pandemic. As we emerge from social-distancing and mandatory shut-downs, a return to your 2019 style may not feel authentic anymore.

There’s no better way to get back to feeling like yourself than a vacation. My personal packing service will help you rediscover your style for your first post-pandemic trip and add some new essential wardrobe pieces to your closet.

Pack your suitcase for your itinerary.

You’re effectively streamlining your wardrobe to fit into a few suitcases. Although you want to prepare for anything while on vacation, you also don’t want clothes you don’t need to weigh down your luggage. A versatile suitcase is essential if you’re less of an itinerary person and instead see where the day takes you when traveling.

Develop a system for pulling clothes from your closet.

Do you pack by flipping through your closet and grabbing your favorites? You could end up either short on clothes or over-burdened with outfits that don’t fit the occasion. Having a system will ensure you don’t show up at the beach or overseas without a pair of flats.

I’ll help you develop an approach for packing your suitcase–like working from bottom to top (socks to accessories) or from outerwear in. You can visualize outfits as you lay things out and ensure you don’t forget a strapless bra for your favorite top.

Keep things simple to stay lightweight.

You can style many outfits from a single carry-on bag by packing neutrals or staying in one color family. A versatile suitcase works particularly well if you're not sure of your itinerary or have trouble pre-planning your outfits.

My personal packing service maximizes your suitcase space by packing for the trip you have planned in the suitcase you want to bring. I can also provide you with pictures of curated outfits you can flip through on your phone for easy on-the-go styling while you’re traveling.

Add versatility with accessories and layering.

If you’re someone who prefers dressing to your mood rather than with a planned outfit, adding a few accessories to your suitcase can make it easy to dress an outfit up or down. It may feel as though packing several pairs of shoes takes up space in your bag. However, they’re a simple way to transform your daytime sight-seeing outfit into an evening-out-appropriate look.

When you look your best, you feel your best.

I help my clients feel their best by providing them with wardrobes that make them look their best. Experience the expertise and convenience of my personal packing service whether you’re interested in shopping your closet for your first post-COVID vacation or want to add a few new pieces to your summer wardrobe.

Schedule a Lavaughn Michelle personal packing service consultation to pick, pack, and style your post-pandemic vacation.

I’m an experienced personal stylist in New York who can help you distill your wardrobe into simple, stylish pieces for your first post-COVID trip. Whether you’re heading overseas or to the beach for the weekend, I’ll ensure you love every item in your suitcase.

If you’re still socially distancing, you can avoid the uncertainty and hassle of online shopping with my personal shopper service. I’ll shop your favorite stores (or recommend some new brands), show you options, and handle returns. Send an inquiry to pick, pack, and style your vacation wardrobe today.

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