How to Navigate Spring 2022 Trends

The Spring 2022 Trends are in, and like many other stylists in the industry, I am feeling a bit lost. Cut outs, platform shoes, and ultra low rise jeans are all fun new trends for the teenage crowd, but most adults have been there, done that, and never want to re-wear styles from 20+ years ago, especially in today’s Corporate Environments.

Know When to Add and When to Pass

Trends are highlights from the runway to communicate what is new in fashion. If a trend speaks to you, find a way to incorporate it in your wardrobe. If it does not speak to you, it is ok to pass on that particular trend. Personal style takes a lifetime to develop, and is not meant to be pulled together in one season. It’s important to not get caught up in what everyone else is buying, but rather focus on your long term style goals.

Select Those Key Pieces that Compliment YOU

Over the last year I have watched clients’ shopping needs shift from purchasing separate wardrobes for work, weekends, and going out, to one wardrobe that is appropriate for all occasions. Clients are looking for pieces that compliment their individual style, are appropriate to pop into the office, meet with a client, pick up kids from school, and transition to a night out.

Leading The Change

I am watching my senior executive clients lead the change in what can be worn in a professional setting. It’s not about shopping trends, but about creating them. Hiring an independent stylist will be more important than ever to bridge the gap between the fashion designer’s world and reality. With the inventory shortages and inconsistencies of online shopping, a personal shopper who specializes in corporate attire is key to navigating your 2022 wardrobe.

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