How a personal styling consultation works

How a Personal Styling Consultation Works

There are many benefits to hiring a personal style consultant in NYC. A professional can offer insight into the latest trends while helping you build a wardrobe that makes you feel confident and is practical for your lifestyle.

Does a personal styling consultation feel intimidating? Don't worry, the process is fun, professional, and incredibly informative! If you'd like a general idea of how my personal styling consultations work, here's a quick rundown of the different phases.

Closet Analysis

The first phase of any effective personal styling consultation is a closet analysis, also known as "The Edit." This is where I review all the items in your closet, including clothes, accessories, and shoes. Together we'll decide what to keep, what to subtract, and what to add. When deciding what to remove, we'll analyze:

  • The condition of the item
  • If the item aligns with current trends
  • How you feel about the item
  • If the item is suited to your lifestyle

This is a collaborative experience, but I'll be providing input throughout to ensure that the appropriate changes are being made. When deciding what to add, I'll identify what items your closet may be lacking in, such as jackets, button-ups, blouses, dress pants, etc. This is also your opportunity to tell me about what sort of pieces you'd like to include in your closet.

Closet Styling

Once the closet analysis is complete, we can create capsule looks based on your wardrobe and the way you'd like to dress going forward. We'll document these capsule looks in an easily accessible shared album, which you can use for future outfit inspiration and when shopping. These capsule looks will be very convenient for you when you're getting dressed in the morning or trying to figure out how to style yourself with new items.

Personal Shopping

Now that we've gone through your closet and decided on a style that suits your preferences and lifestyle, it's time to go shopping! The shopping phase can be done together in-store or just by me on your behalf. It's all about what works with your schedule and what makes you feel most comfortable.

If you'd like, I can do a pre-pull ahead of time to create a customized selection of looks based on your wardrobe, current trends, and your personal tastes. We can do this in a VIP setting to create a more luxurious and private experience.

LaVaughn Michelle Is an Experienced Personal Style Consultant in NYC

Are you ready to start dressing in a way that makes you look and feel your absolute best? If so, you can rely on me, LaVaughn Michelle, to help update your look and transform your wardrobe.

With my stylistic acumen and aesthetic insights, I've become a trusted image consultant for women of all ages and professions. I'm fully committed to creating a customized experience for my clients that is both educational and empowering. To schedule a consultation with me, simply reach out at your convenience. I look forward to hearing from you!