Common misconceptions about fashion and image consultants

The thought of working with a fashion and image consultant might be something that you’ve never considered. This is often a result of many myths and misconceptions that surround the services provided by a consultant. With help from LaVaughn Michelle, you can feel comfortable hiring a consultant to overhaul your style. If you’re still not sure about what to believe about hiring a fashion and image consultant, read our guide below that’s meant to dispel some of these misconceptions.

You’ll be dressed like your consultant

It’s believed that fashion consultants often have a style that they like so they’re going to try to reflect that style onto you. There's a reason to be concerned about this because you might feel like your fashion consultant thinks their style is the best around and fits everyone. However, a good consultant understands that everybody is different. From personality to body type to budget, there’s not a single style that’s going to be good for everybody. Your consultant will consider a variety of factors when helping you choose your style as you shop for clothes.

Only the Hollywood elite can afford fashion consultants

Not everything has to be limited to being available to the elite. You can enjoy the same services those who pay millions of dollars a year enjoy by working with a fashion and image consultant who provides you with expert advice about clothing that’s right for you. These services can be used for a special event that’s coming up or as a way to completely overhaul your wardrobe. You can present the best version of yourself with every meeting or event that you attend.

I can plug and play my clothes with an online service

There are a variety of online services that make it easy to find your style. From virtual closets to subscription boxes that send clothes each month, you can find a style that works for you. However, most of these are based on algorithms that are meant to put you in a box of sorts to fit the ideal vision created by the person who wrote the code. With an image and fashion consultant, you get a real person who can take in a variety of personal factors to help you create the perfect look for you.

The stores you love aren’t good enough for consultants

You might be worried about having to completely change the way you approach shopping when working with a fashion consultant because there’s a stereotype that you have to compromise to match their tastes. You don’t have to wear brands that don't fit your personality or self-image to feel confident, which is what your image is all about. Your consultant will help you shop stores that you feel comfortable with as a way to ensure that you feel more confident in the clothing brands you love.

I’ll have to replace my entire closet

You don’t have to buy an entirely new wardrobe to be what is considered fashionable. There are ways that you can change up how you mix and match the clothes you have to create a new image. For instance, if you have clothes that you wear separately, you can sometimes put them together in a different way to create a new look. Yes, there might be some shopping involved to buy new items to supplement what you already have, but you won’t have to replace every clothing item you already have.

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Common misconceptions about fashion and image consultants