Fall Fashion Trends from An Image Consultant Pro

The saying of “look good, feel good” isn’t merely an idiom that gets thrown around in social situations. Scientific studies have proven that how you dress can have a direct impact on your emotional state. So, it’s no wonder why people like to try and look their best in their day-to-day lives.

However, dressing up is sometimes easier said than done, particularly when fashion continues to evolve at such a quick pace. Lucky for you, image consultant LaVaughn Michelle is making it easy to stay up to date with the latest developments with our 2021 fall fashion trend guidelines.

Fall fashion trends from an image consultant service expert.

The Blazer is in vogue.

One of the difficulties of finding the perfect outfit during the sporadic fall months is that it can be hot during the day and then colder at night, so I’m seeing more fashion icons adding functional layers through the use of the blazer.

You can sport one over a nice blouse or t-shirt to add extra warmth or put it on with nothing underneath to make a statement while staying cool. Whether it’s a plain accent piece that plays off the rest of the outfit or a splash of loud color that truly makes a statement, you can’t go wrong this fall season with the classic blazer.

Don’t deny the denim.

If there’s one thing that I’m seeing as an image consultant service professional, it’s that denim isn’t just for jeans this fall season. Designers are expanding their usage of this versatile fabric to dress their models from head to toe.

As the cooler weather rolls in, I’m seeing more fashionistas donning denim in unique ways, such as jackets, shirts, and even denim boots. It makes sense because denim is a durable fabric that delivers a timeless look while also keeping you comfortable against the autumn chill.

Knit it to win it.

Perhaps one of the biggest disruptors in the fashion industry during 2020 and early 2021 was that more people stayed indoors and worked from home due to COVID-19 lockdowns. That led to comfort taking priority over style for many people, and it’s a trend that’s continuing into the latter half of this year.

To that effect, more people are opting to style themselves in knit clothing. Whether it’s in the form of skirts, maxi dresses, sweaters, or vests, knit clothing is a perfect option to look great while feeling even better. Plus, with its many options in style, color, and patterns, you can really let your unique style shine through.

Make a statement with lux accessories.

Maybe it’s because we collectively spent more than a year locked in our homes, but I’m seeing more and more individuals rocking loud and vibrant jewelry in 2021. Focusing on accessories that perfectly complement your overall look is a great way to get noticed and make a statement this fall season.

Image consultant service providers are saying ditch the bare minimum and instead take a maximalist approach to accessorizing your outfit. From statement rings to bold chockers, stacked bracelets, and can’t-miss earrings, going big with your accessories is the perfect way to show the world that you’re ready to get back out there and start living life to the fullest once again.

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