Closet Styling – Design New Outfits with the Pieces You Own

Many women can relate to the experience of opening up your closet and feeling as though you have nothing to wear despite it being full of clothes you once loved so much. Whether it’s changes in your personal aesthetic, shifting fashion trends, or simply being tired of wearing the same things over and over again, it’s a problem plenty of us have experienced.

That’s where the closet styling services of LaVaughn Michelle come into play. As a NYC-based image consultant, I can help you reimagine your current wardrobe to find new combinations you’ll love, and that will help you look your best.

Benefits of Dressing Well

Helps you focus on the week ahead.

Dressing well means dressing with intention. Rather than waiting until the last minute and just throwing something on, you have to put in the effort to find the perfect combination of clothes, accessories, and makeup. One method that makes doing this easier is planning your outfits out for the upcoming week ahead of time. Not only does this take the stress out of coming up with a new ensemble every day, but it gives a visual reminder of what your week will look like so you can mentally prepare for your upcoming responsibilities.

Boosts your confidence.

It’s like the timeless expression says – look good, feel good. It’s not just a saying, though. Scientific studies have proven a correlation between what you wear and how you see the world and yourself. With my closet styling services, I can help you find the perfect attire to give you the confidence you need to better handle your personal and professional responsibilities.

Receive positive attention.

The right outfit isn’t just about what you see when looking in the mirror. It’s also about how other people see you. Your clothing is a form of communication that can quickly let people know your current mindset and demonstrate your aspirations. It’s why they say you should always dress for the job you want, not the one you have, and I can help make that easier using the clothes you already have.

How LaVaughn Michelle Closet Styling Services Help

Looking your best starts with having the right clothes, but regularly buying new pieces to update your wardrobe isn’t always the best answer. Not only is it not economical, but with the COVID-19 pandemic still in full swing, you could put your health at risk shopping in stores right now.

An alternative solution is to let me guide you through creating the perfect outfits using my closet styling service. It’s the ideal way to rethink what you currently have to create new ensembles without purchasing any new clothing.

When I visit my clients, they often don’t feel like they have anything to wear or know how to put things together. I’ll look in your closet and see endless outfit combinations, and I can mix and match them to create combos around particular pieces you own. Don’t be afraid to play and try things you hadn’t thought of before.

Try mixing the sparkly gold sweater over your little white slip dress and pair it with those cream Gucci Slides. Or pair that yellow pullover cotton sweater back to that denim skirt and a pair of Converse sneakers. We can also photograph your favorite custom-curated outfits, so you always have inspiration when you’re in a pinch.

Learn to Love Your Wardrobe Again!

At LaVaughn Michele, we believe the right guidance can make anyone look stylish and feel amazing. The best part is that with our closet styling service, you can accomplish these goals without having to pay for an entirely new wardrobe. We’ll work together to repurpose and reimagine what you already have to create stylish new looks you’re sure to love. Visit us online to learn more or book your appointment today.

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