4 Ways You Benefit from Working with an Image Consultant in NYC

Thinking back, it might stick out to you that you’ve felt your best and performed at your highest when you dressed with purpose. That’s also when your style resonated with your personality and how you feel.

Now, you might be trying to consistently capture that same magic in the clothes you wear. A professional with an eye for detail and a keen, expert sense of fashion is exactly what you’re looking for.

I’m LaVaughn Michelle, an image consultant in NYC, and I'd like you to know how my services enhance my client's wardrobes and their style.

1. Get to define your signature, personal style

You probably know the kinds of clothes you like, the ones that complement your shape, and those that can even elevate your mood. But your preferences don’t paint the full picture of your signature style.

Working with an image consultant, you get the chance to discover the common theme behind the clothes that you love. Ideally, those are also the clothes that present an enhanced image of you to the world.

Once you know your personal style, you can dress in a way that’s uniquely “you”. And you can do so for any occasion, to communicate any kind of mood, and to capture or channel any feeling.

2. Keep your closet curated and current with the trends

Even when you’ve found your personal style, you might face a bit of trouble aligning it with the latest trends. This is another thing an image consultant in NYC helps you with.

With closet editing, you get to see the clothes you should keep, the ones to subtract, and others you should add.

For the clothes to add, your image consultant finds pieces within your favored brands. And they can add variety with other options from handpicked brands that match your desired couture.

3. Take your personal shopping several notches higher

The regular shopping needed to maintain a stylish wardrobe can be confusing. Your favorite brands might be releasing collections often enough, but with little that you feel suits you or your tastes.

Working with an image consultant gets rid of this problem, too. They help you expand your closet after identifying the clothes that you look and feel best in. As you shop together, they guide you in selecting exactly that kind of clothing.

If you’re not so keen on shopping, you can enjoy a concierge service by which all your shopping is done for you. And that includes returns, should any items fail to be to your liking.

With me, you get expert recommendations in an appropriately luxury, VIP setting. These are based on your current wardrobe or how you wish to round it out.

4. Dress perfectly, even on the move

The trouble with being a high-performing woman can be the lack of time you get to prepare a wardrobe for trips. But whether it’s a meeting with a client several states away or a social event, dressing well is just as crucial.

Before each journey, a personal image consultant can coordinate all your outfits and accouterments, from head to toe.

For added convenience, they can do this in person or through a shared lookbook. So, wherever you go and for however long, you can always count on dressing in a way that communicates your style and form at its most brilliant.

Work with an image consultant in NYC to level up your wardrobe

I have over 10 years’ experience helping clients experience the benefits you’ve just read about, plus many others. As you work with me, it will become easier than ever to know what looks great on you and maintain an up-to-date closet filled with those pieces.

Book an appointment with me today to start dressing like you’ve always wished to.

4 Ways You Benefit from Working with an Image Consultant in NYC