6 Common mistakes I find during a closet edit and how to fix them.

As a wardrobe stylist, I have encountered several common mistakes during a closet edit. Most clients fall into one or two of these categories. I hope this helps you identify what may be holding you back, so you can elevate your personal style.

1. All designer bags and shoes, but… all fast fashion clothing.

This client understands investing in quality bags and shoes. She has a lot of trendy clothes that can be only worn once or twice, and is constantly shopping for clothing but has nothing that holds up past a season because of the low quality and fading trends.

Solution: Focus on investing in one or two head to toe quality outfits that are timeless and will match the lux designer bags and shoes.

2. All designer clothing, but…no bags and shoes.

This client has high quality clothing but never feels great when walking out the door because the shoes and handbags are dated, low quality, are worn out or just don’t work.

Solution: Schedule a shoe and handbag focus shop to complete your looks.

3. The “aspirational” closet.

Nothing fits. After the edit, client has nothing and needs a new wardrobe. This client holds onto things because they spent a lot of money on them.

Solution: Resell what does not fit. The edit will allow you to see what you have in your closet instead of digging through misfits. Fill in with new items that fit.

4. The Event / Vacation closet.

This client has lots of special items that have been worn once. Her closet is ready for a gala or vacation, but lacks what is needed for 90% of their life style, everyday or work.

Solution: Analyze how you spend your time and what you need to get dressed for. Look for ways to dress down some of these items you currently have in your closet to work for your everyday life. You may be able to get more wear out of that whimsical dress you bought for the Caribbean if you style with a white sneaker and denim jacket.

5. All Fashion. Zero basics.

This client loves the fun items and often shops without a plan. Their closet is full of random pieces and zero outfit. Nothing coordinates.

Solution: Add basics and make complete outfits.

6. All Basics. Zero Fashion.

This client is practical and wants things that are timeless. She may not know what her style is and will gravitate towards items that are safe. This client’s closet is usually full of black, white and neutrals. She may not know what her knock out colors are and has no idea where to start with fashion.

Solution: Work with a style expert to help you add color, texture, pattern and joy to your closet. It may be as simple as taking your classic black top and pant and added a bright metallic silver leather coat over the ensemble. You may only need to add a few of the right pieces to make a style statement.

Which of these closets types are you? You may be a combination of more than one. It’s ok! The good news is, once you identify your current closet, you can focus on what to do to make your wardrobe work better for you. For help with your closet, let's connect and schedule your edit to get your ready for the upcoming fall season.

6 Common mistakes I find during a closet edit and how to fix them.