Top 5 Post-Pandemic Trends Personal Style Consultants are Tracking for March 2021

It’s hard to imagine a return to life as it used to be. For personal style consultants, fashion for the past year was all about on-screen appearances for Google Meet and Zoom. But with the vaccine rollout underway, post-pandemic life is undeniably coming, and with it, a new batch of trends. That means putting away your matching tie-dye joggers and sprucing up your closest with pieces that make up for the year that wasn’t.

A personal style consultant will go through your closet with you to “edit” out the pieces you needed to leave in 2020. I’ll help you prepare for post-pandemic life by capitalizing on these trends.

#1. Cruelty-free and eco-friendly fashion is in.

Expect to see more vegan designers making headlines this year as people reflect on making sustainable lifestyle choices. Kind fashion, made without animal products and in sustainable ways, is showing up on a lot more runways this year. Be on the lookout for companies highlighting recyclable packaging and give-back campaigns to plant trees and reduce carbon footprints.

To shop the trend, check out the vegan silk line from Stella McCartney, made in partnership with the Silicon Valley biotech company Bolt Thread. High-tech materials will continue to replace traditional animal-products, like the feel-good, eco-forward clothing from Umasan.

#2. Incorporate polished, classic investment pieces into your wardrobe.

Now’s the time to start establishing the investment pieces for your wardrobe. These are the versatile, high-quality items that endure through every trend, and you can return to season after season. Beyond helping you structure your wardrobe for every occasion, they also help you be more sustainable. You’ll spend less time flipping through a mountain of clothes feeling like you have nothing to wear.

Working with a personal style consultant, you’ll find investment pieces you’ll love for a lifetime.

#3. Conscious consumerism will lead the way to more minimalism.

Once people stopped commuting to work, their wardrobes made dramatic shifts. Many people took time in quarantine to Marie Kondo their closets and make space for post-pandemic life. Along with labels communicating politics, people are more interested than ever in ethically produced, environmentally conscientious clothing. For modern bohemian conscientious pieces, browse Nanushka. They use sustainable materials chosen for longevity and durability to minimize waste.

Together we’ll build your wardrobe with pieces that not only look good, but you can feel good wearing.

#4. The popularity of made in America brands is growing.

We’re still discovering the full range of consequences from the pandemic, and the growing cost of European designers is just one of them. International shipping continues to struggle as most of the world remains in some stage of lockdown from the virus. As a result, clothing brands made entirely in America have become more affordable.

Shopping made-in-America is also more eco-friendly, minimizing the carbon footprint of your wardrobe. Check out Vetta for woven wardrobe capsules made in New York and LA, or Reformation minimizes their natural resource consumption from manufacturing.

#5. We’re still going to be spending time at home.

Quarantine made a lot of companies realize that the office was obsolete. Whether you love WFH or hate it, it’s probably going to be a more significant part of your life post-pandemic. Even in returning to the office, the rules have changed for corporate wear; dressing well without sacrificing comfort became acceptable.

Your wardrobe should be about you, both in the way you look and how it makes you feel. As a personal style consultant, I’ll help you walk the line between loungewear and corporate wear, so your Zoom look is always on point.

Work with a personal style consultant to style your post-pandemic looks for March 2021; book a consultation with LaVaughn Michelle today.

A professional image consultant does more than tell you what to buy and what colors you really shouldn’t wear. I’m here to help you rediscover your self-confidence through the way you dress. We’ll articulate how you want the world to perceive and receive you and style your closet to achieve your goals.

I’ll help you put together a capsule wardrobe lookbook with outfit guidelines and inspiration. Together, we’ll change your relationship with your clothes and define how you present yourself at work, on Zoom, and in your time off.

Top 5 Post-Pandemic Trends Personal Style Consultants are Tracking for March 2021