3 questions to ask before choosing a personal stylist in NYC

The way you dress is the way you present yourself to the world around you. Your presentation plays a big role in a lot of different life situations, from the big job interview to date night, and putting effort into it can go a long way toward getting the results you’re looking for from any of them. A personal stylist is a way to make that effort much easier by putting your styling and shopping needs in someone else’s hands.

Not all personal stylists may necessarily be right for you, though, and there are plenty of reasons that might be the case. You need to get a sense of how suitable they are for you before spending your money. The best way to do that starts with asking the right questions, and three are especially relevant for figuring out whether the stylist you’re considering is right for you.

LaVaughn Michelle is a personal stylist in NYC who’s worked with many different clients of varying tastes, professions, and needs. She’s worked for over a decade to provide luxury styling services to clients ranging from executive directors to senior asset managers at major corporations, as well as a wide range of other kinds of people, and she knows from experience that a personal stylist needs certain things to provide the best service possible to each person they work with.

Read on for three of the questions you should ask any stylist you’re considering hiring to handle your wardrobe needs.

What’s included in your services?

The first and most obvious point you should cover with a stylist is the services they include in the price you’re paying them. This depends mostly on the length and scale of the services they’re providing. For short-term projects, they’ll more likely work on an hourly basis, and their rate will depend on location, reputation, and experience. Longer-term projects will typically take on the package payment structure, which still includes an hourly rate, but one that’s lower long-term and covers a wider range of services.

LaVaughn Michelle offers four packages, each one offering a different arrangement of services depending on a client’s needs. You can read more about those packages and services here.

What do you take into account when shopping for a client?

A great personal stylist finds the right style for you and provides their services with that in mind. It isn’t their job to make you fit their sense of style. Sessions should be personalized to your individual qualities, including body shape, lifestyle, color tone, and budget, among other factors. When you speak with the stylist about how they’ll help you meet your wardrobe needs, find out if the details they take into account include these.

How much experience do you have?

A stylist’s experience, as with any other type of profession, will play a big role in how effective they are in providing their services for you. If they’ve worked with a wide range of people with incredibly varied aesthetic styles, there’s a good chance they can find the right one for you, and that chance is even better if they’ve worked with quite a few people who meet the same criteria listed in the above section.

If at all possible, though, you should take a look at some of the stylist’s past work with other clients. This is a very visual profession, after all, and seeing how other people work after receiving the stylist’s services will give you a good sense of what they’ll be able to do for you.

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